Pre & Post Care – Cosmetic Tattoo Services
There are a number of things that need to be done to ensure your skin is prepared for a cosmetic tattoo procedure.
There are a number of things that need to be done to ensure your skin is prepared for a cosmetic tattoo procedure and to ensure the longevity of your new cosmetic tattoo.

Pre care:

  • All clients musts supply their own pre numbing cream and during numbing gel.
    To order your own numbing cream and gel you need to call or email Compounding for You (located inside the Health Save pharmacy at Blackburn North shopping Centre – a few minutes from the studio). Please order at least three days before appointment to ensure it is compounded in time and have time for you to collect.
    Phone: 9878 8112 – ask for Kylie or Chris
    For TATTOOING quote the following: You need to order for Tattooing by Natalie items 1 and 2.
    For REMOVAL quote the following: you need to order for Tattooing by Natalie items 1 and 3.
    How to use: Apply cream generously to eyebrows 30 minutes before appointment commencement time. Cover with glad wrap by cutting a thin strip and wrapping all the way around your head.
  • no caffeine or alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment
  • do not take blood thinners 72 hours before
  • do not work out 24 hours before
  • do not take fish oils for 7 days before your procedure but these can be
  • commenced again straight after
  • no facials or peels for 2 weeks before
  • no botox for four weeks before procedure

Post care:


No cleansers, makeup, swimming, spas or direct water on the area until the healing phase has finished (usually 7-10 days)

Two hours after your procedure has finished gently wipe area with a damp cotton round and pat dry with a dry tissue then apply your first layer of barrier cream.

  • apply cream 3-4 times a day
  • always wipe off old cream with a dry tissue or cotton round before applying fresh cream
  • apply cream with cotton tips, do not use your fingers
  • around day 3-4 the area may start flaking, this is normal. Do not pick at it. It will be over in a few days
  • the area may be itchy, this means it is healing. Just apply a little more cream for comfort
  • once the healing process is complete the colour underneath will be much lighter in appearance.
  • sunscreen is advised after healing process to help prevent premature fading
  • immediately after treatment lips will be swollen and tender to touch and colour will be much darker than chosen during the consultation
  • apply cream constantly to keep them moist. This will help with soreness and keeping the colour in
  • the skin will flake, this is normal, do not pick at the flaking, it will come off naturally
  • no hot drinks or spicy food for the first day
  • no lipstick, kissing or direct water for the first 3 days
  • they will take up to one week for the healing process to be complete
  • do not be worried if you lose a lot of colour as you can lose up to 80% the first time

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