Russian E-file Pedicure

Russian E-file Pedicure + gel polish: Immaculate, long lasting results with precision cuticle work 

Maintaining healthy feet & nails

All pedicure services at our studio include E file work.

An E file Pedicure is a dry process of cuticle removal using an electric nail drill and specific drill bits to achieve a clean and crisp finish to the cuticle area. It includes removal of dry dead skin and calluses on the soles of the feet using the e file also. The foot is not soaked at all during the procedure which is more hygienic for you and more dead skin can be removed through a dry pedicure process.

When this is performed by a trained professional it is a completely safe process and absolutely no damage is cause to the natural nail or cuticle area.

Benefits of E file work:

  • Precision cuticle work
  • Healthier cuticles and nails
  • Less cuticle growth over time
  • Full removal of dead cuticle prevents lifting of gel at cuticle area
  • Gel can be applied closer to the cuticle which gives an extra 1-2 weeks of wear before natural nail growth is noticeable
  • Longer time between appointments
  • removal of all calluses for smooth soles

    Your health & saftey:

    All metal tools used in Pedicure services are sterilised in an autoclave at 134 degrees and all other tools are single use and disposable after each treatment.

      E file pedicure with gel polish $100
      Naked E file Pedicure $80

      Add ons:

      Simple nail art from $10
      French tip polish $20

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