Tattoo lightening or removal including emergency removal
Gently and effectively removes or lightens unwanted pigment from the skin using no lasers.

Saline Tattoo removal/ lightening

Li-ft saline tattoo removal gently and effectively removes unwanted pigment from the skin using a process called osmosis. No lasers are used in this removal method. The saline solution contains sea salt which has been grinded down to a fine powder, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, aloe vera and sterile water. This form of lightening can target all pigment colours. 

The solution is implanted into the skin (in a similar process to tattooing), days later a scab forms helping to draw out as much pigment from the skin as possible. Aftercare needs to be followed to ensure perfect healing and maximum results.

A number of sessions will be needed to achieve results and cannot be determined by looking at the area. There are a number of factors that contribute to this including how many tattoo sessions, is there titanium in the pigment, how deep pigment was implanted, how saturated it is, where on the body, skin type, individual skin and healing process. 

Saline removal can be used to lighten tattoos on any part of the body. 

Please email or call to arrange a time for a consultation for a thorough assessment. 

Emergency removal

Emergency removal can only be performed within the first 48 hours of your new tattoo. The same solution is used as described above but the process is different. The skin is still open so there is no need to reopen the skin to implant the solution. After the emergency session subsequent lightening sessions may be required to lighten further.

If you require emergency removal, please call me immediately on 0433 930 950.

All emergency removals are $250.

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